Le nom Yamalou est une idée de Talia Tourriol.
Oh, au fait, j'ai été interviewé par l'équipe du STARTED MAGAZINE. L'entretien est à lire ici (c'est dans la langue de Shakespeare).

An interview with the nice people at STARTED MAGAZINE:
" French illustrator and cartoonist Benjamin Basso got his start lettering American comics, but for the past five years he has focused on illustration for MAKMA, a French studio that produces scripts, penciling, inking, coloring, and lettering for comics and manga worldwide. Like many, he enjoys music while he works. He cites Mr. Bungle as one of his inspirations, so it’s no surprise that his fearless pencil creates what he calls a “bestiary that comes to life day after day.” He is working on a book of “all these critters,” which will be published soon. "

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